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Best Mortgage

Best Mortgage First-time Buyers

Best Mortgage First-time Buyers

Everybody has different needs when it comes to a mortgage, that’s why there are so many types available!

While it is difficult to single out particular mortgages without knowing a borrower’s circumstances, it is possible to recommend mortgages features that benefit first home buyers.

Reduced deposit requirements
Low establishment fees
Offset facility
Sign up bonus
Fixed-rate interest
Redraw facility

Always shop around for your mortgage and compare rates, set up fees and any annual charges. Lower interest rates will make the most significant difference over the life of your loan, but you may be able to benefit from sign up incentives and refinance at a later date.

Keep in mind that banks are a business. They want to sell you a product and make a profit from that product. If you are in a strong borrowing position and a bank sees you as a safe customer, you may be able to negotiate added incentives.

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