Refinancing Your Loan

Refinancing Your Loan

At CGIO finance we understand that homeowners choose to refinance their
mortgage for different reasons. It might be to consolidate debt, purchase an
investment property, renovate your existing home, or maybe you are simply looking
for a lower interest rate. No matter the reason we can help you grow a
healthier financial future by refinancing your home loan.

What might have been right for you one year ago might not be the next. This is why we believe everybody should review their home loan interest rates annually, to ensure it is still the right option for you and that you are still on a competitive rate, and not getting charged ‘loyalty tax’. By reviewing your interest rate, we can potentially save you thousands of dollars a year, as interest rates become outdated and you could end up paying more than you should be. We can also keep the loan term the same or reduce it, instead of re-extending it over another 30 years, putting you in an even better financial position.

We can help you restructure your finances, outlining the best way for you to refinance, come out in front and achieve great savings.

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